Grow Your Family Home

Home additions in Durham & Hillsborough, NC

Do you want to expand your kitchen? Are you ready to turn your one-story home into a two-story house? Dodson Construction Co. Inc. creates beautiful additions that range from simple to quite complex. Our contractors work hard to create flawless additions that blend in seamlessly with your original home.

Over the past 24 years, we have completed several additions that were larger than the original home. Even during projects as large as these, our efforts cause very little delay or distraction to homeowners. Most of the work we do can be done within the confines of the new structure before any new openings have to be created in the existing home.

When you're considering an addition for your Durham or Hillsborough, NC home, contact Dodson Construction Co. Inc.

3 things you need before you start your home addition project

Building an addition onto your home takes time. Here are three things you should have in place before you get started:

1. A plan. It can be vague, and you can hire someone else to draw it for you, but you need to have some idea of the scale of your addition before you begin.

2. A realistic budget. It's important to create a budget that you can reasonably stick to.

3. A second opinion. It's a good idea to consult experts, like the contractors at Dodson Construction Co. Inc., to evaluate your plans before you get started.

When all of these pieces are in place, you're ready to get started transforming your Durham or Hillsborough, NC home. Call 919-644-0076 today to schedule a meeting with the contractors at Dodson Construction Co. Inc.